Friday, April 1, 2011

The Mets Opera

Ever wonder what an owner is thinking during the season? Well, this is what I was and still thinking as the season has progressed.

Act I Budget

The idea here was to max everything and leave the rest in Player Payroll. Not a bad idea overall and am pretty sure that was the correct thing to do.

Act II Hiring Coaches

Hiring coaches usually isn't all that hard. But me thinks it was a harbinger of what is to come this season. Finding the coaches I wanted was not an easy task and I really didn't succeed in all reality. The ML staff is pretty good, the minors though is downright pathetic if you ask me, then again I wasn't worried as there really isn't much to coach.

Hitting Coach: Bud McIntosh: Was malingering at AA, didn't hesitate taking the ML job even at his tender age of 38. Should get much better before he hightails it out of New York for greener pastures.

First Base: Tony Cruz: Was at KC last year and was looking for a Hitting Coach job at the majors. To tell the truth, he is under qualified for a hitting coach job and over qualified for First Base and should probably coach Third Base. Over paid the position, but it was a last cycle signing as I couldn't get anyone else.

Third Base: Winston McDowell: An exact mirror image of Tony Cruz.

Pitching Coach: Luis Lee: Had been in the position for the last 6 years and really was only 2 points short in his major discipline and everything else was what I was searching for, so I kept him on.

Bull Pen: Harry Suarez: Harry and I had a disagreement in Cleveland, he wanted to stay at HiA and I wanted him at AA, so he left for New York. He took the job with little urging this time around. Really, a little under qualified for the job but should grow into it nicely before wanting the Pitching job.

Bench Coach: Darrell Wright: Tried to find a minor league coach to take the job as always. Believe it or not I was either turned down or they were coaxed away to another team several times. Over paid to get last years Brewer in the last cycle.

Fielding Dude: Julio Ortiz: Okay, for this position I kept last years staff in tact. He seems to do an okay job but will find out more in a week or so.

Act III Free Agency/Arbitration

I didn't sign any of my Free Agents or Arbitration eligible players. The only one worth signing was Raul Izquierdo, but he didn't have a place to play. I think Boston is loving his DH hitting. Maybe I can pick up a good player in the supplemental for him.

As for the Free Agency period I only acquired Charlie Hicks. I was hoping he could help the pen and be a spot starter if need be.

ACT IV Line Up

The line up consists of one potentially great player and a couple good players. Most are in the line of good eye, splits and no contact or bad eye, good splits and good contact. Most of them would make good defensive backups on most teams because they can play a multitude of position. None of them have much in the way of power either. We do have some speed however. Didn't have anyone that could remotely play CF either, the trade for Abdul Riggs was a win-win for us. The trade for Pascual Zapata wasn't necessary but was better overall than the three existing 3Bs on the roster.

Act V Pitching Staff

This has been a sore spot so far this season. Have done a lot of tweaking. Think I have narrowed down the starting rotation finally. Thirty games in you would think it is about time. The staff isn't all that bad, just too many lefties and not enough righties. The minors are filled with lefties to boot. Since the offense is lacking, they are usually pitching from a hole and that is hard to overcome. Give them a lead and they are hellbent on keeping it.


Decided at the beginning of the season that we would go after one good IFA about the $12M mark was our goal. As it is, the minors need hitters, specifically power hitters and position doesn't matter as we don't have any. Career minor league players are a must sometimes.

Act VII Draft

We draft 5th and a supplemental which isn't bad. Not sure what the board will look like, but first option would probably be a super starting pitcher. Odds of that are slim with the 5th pick believe it or not. Best chance in the pitching realm is probably a middle reliever/spot starter which may not be a bad idea. A great catcher would get our attention for sure.

Act VIII Epilogue
The object was to win 70 games this season. I can hold out hope but I don't see it happening and could turn into a struggle to win 60. Well at least it will be a fun season and there is no pressure.

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