Sunday, April 10, 2011

NL Power Rankings

1. Pittsburgh Pirates: The preseason favorites and displaying they are deserving.
2. Florida Marlins: Stats say they are a so-so team, home field advantage makes them a winner.
3. Salem Super Sequoias: Hitting wins games with good pitching.
4. Houston Astros: As long as Florida is in front, Houston remains a passenger.
5. Los Angeles Dodgers: Good pitching with good hitting also wins games.
6. Milwaukee Brewers: Pitching has to improve.
7. Philadelphia Phillies: The hitting is starting to turn around.
8. St. Louis Browns: Same team, different city, same horror story. Have hitting no pitching, have pitching no hitting.
9. Cincinnati Reds: Didn't I say the Reds could finish second?
10. San Francisco Giants: Something missing but nobody knows what.
11. Baltimore Orioles: Crab cakes or is it just a case of the crabs?
12. New Orleans Zephyrs: Help me Rhonda, we need a closer.
13. New York Mets: Mets are on a roll but it won't last long, all those recent wins were against struggling teams.
14. Arizona Diamondbacks: Fourth in hitting next to last in pitching, think we know where the problem is. Vets look out, unemployment line is just a minor phone call away.
15. Mexico City Diablos Rojos: Pitching isn't that bad, hitting is so far south of the border that Mexico City is a place up north.
16. Chicago Cubs: Didn't I say they looked like a rebuild at the beginning of the season?

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