Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Secong Twenty

So what has happened in the second twenty games? One thing, teams that can't win at home are having trouble.

AL North

The Expos have zoomed to the forefront. Detroit, sorta the preseason favorite looks horrible at home. Twins looked good early but just can't seem to buy a win lately. The Blue Jays are starting to heat up but the road looks tough already.

AL East

Boston and Baltimore seem to be pacing each other while Dover keeps things close. Washington is on the loose also trying to catch up.

AL South

KC is slick on the road but have troubles at home, for some reason I just don't believe it. Tampa meanwhile loves it at home but are not road warriors.  Little Rock and Texas are trying not to be cellar dwellars.

AL West

Anaheim must have gotten their wings clipped as it looks like it could be a heated race with Seattle all of a sudden. Colorado is still scratching their ass trying to solve the equation while Helena looks forward to next season. 

NL North

The Cubs have not run away with the division yet but have expanded the lead to 3 games. Give the Pirates credit, they are hanging tough.  Cincy may have figured out the problems but getting back into the thick of things might take a while. The brewers are just as I expected up and down. 

NL East

Mets are back to being healthy again, two 15 day DL stints isn't good when it is your best hitters. Braves are keeping pace thanks to road wins. Phillies are playing better than they look while the Colonels are just plain mind boggling.

NL South

Ok, who said Florida could control the South? Mexico City has gotten off the snide and are keeping pace with plenty of time to make up the difference. Houston may have ran out of steam already while it is actually just starting to heat up. The Cards fall into the Louisville mindset of being mind boggled

NL West

We thought the Dodgers may run away with things out here, but Arizona and Frisco have other ideas. Padres just need some PEDS in the gin, but eye, contact and speed on the diamond.

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