Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Who's Who in Defense

NL C: Greg Owen: Might get his 1st coveted Gold Glove in the majors. Houston with a PC catcher, who would've thought?

AL C: Juan Espada: Tough to decide but wins out because of his Assists and Caught Stealing ability.\

NL 1B: A tie between Jorge Marmol and Pepe Crespo: Crespo is more of a 1B than the over qualified Marmol. Both have 13 plus plays but Marmol has an error, don't ask how, think someone tied his shoelaces together. Crespo barely makes the list due to lack of playing time.

AL 1B: A tie between Deivi Silva and Cesar Martin: A race between these two for sure but Ronny Gant may wind up being the best in the end.

NL 2B: Bernard Shelley: The front runner at the moment but don't get comfy.

AL 2B: Vernon Leach: A whopping 14 plus plays and only 3 errors.

NL 3B: Peter Alexander: I chose him over a couple others because of his DP stats.

AL 3B: Billy Valentin: His PO's and Assists got him named.

NL SS: Raymond Hartman: More games and no minus plays and it helps being second in assists and DP's.

AL SS: Kane North: All I can say is wow, 13 plus plays and not the leader in that category but only 3 errors.

NL LF: Charlie Stone: Only 6 plus plays (why so few?) and no errors.

AL LF: Jesse Brennaman: A beast in LF but really underqualified anywhere else. 13 plus plays and only 1 error.

NL CF: A tie between Jim Griffin and Arthur Donatello: I just couldn't choose, plus I like Collier in Cincy also.

AL CF: Shayne Marte: Easy call.

NL RF: Karim Quevedo: 6 plus plays and no errors.

AL RF: Esteban Santos: If you ask me a RF has not been easy to come by.

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