Sunday, October 2, 2011

IFA Market Update

Linda Loo reporting from Melbourne Australia. First gentleman, we have to announce the upset win of the Geelong Cats over the Collinwood Magpies in the AFL Grande Finale. Great game and congrats Cats.

Hockey fans everywhere are rejoicing over the NBA lockout, maybe ESPN will show more hockey games without the interference of those silly round ballers. If I were the players, I wouldn't sign a contract without Sterns resignation, my heartfelt opinion.

Meanwhile back to our wonderful sport and the IFA market update. So far the market hasn't swooned in dollar signs as scouts haven't found much adoration abroad. The Anaheim Angels did see fit to offer Esteban Cubillan a $4.5M contract. Don't expect this off-speed kid to be a closer. Has some great skills in control and some good pitches but will just leave ya hanging before completing the task at hand, if ya know what I mean.

Benny Gonzalez was snagged by the Charlotte Knights for $3.7M. He may have a big stick, oooh la la, but he fumbles around getting to/at first base.

Robert Simpson may be the steal of the market so far. The Washington D.C. Senators were all smiles as they scooped up a prize. Not an easy out when he is up to bat, can handle pitchers and go like the energizer bunny.

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