Monday, October 17, 2011

IFA Signing

Either my bosses are not paying attention or the Texas Rangers are so excited about being in the World Series that they forgot to hold a press conference. Well, they could be mad at me for claiming Jesus Lee off waivers. Well, anyway....

The Rangers paid $14.7M for the services of Juan Redondo. They were so happy, they put him on the ML roster. For a catcher, not much to report as he is relatively weak in the defensive area. His stats prove that with 3 errors, 3 passed balls along with allowing 16 stolen bases, picking off only 4. When he picks up the toothpick to hit with (makes Popeye shudder at the size of his arms) though, look out in the bleachers. Given time his hitting will come around I do believe. In 22 games so far, his anemic batting average is surrounded by 5 ding dongs and 4 doubles. We are thinking he needs tested for steroids as he bench presses Beetles and has a very weak constitution!.

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