Monday, October 3, 2011

IFA's in Retrospect, Season 2

Julian Martin was paid the most in bonus money in Season 2 with the paltry sum of $6M. A big contact hitter with speed should have made him a big hit or so owners thought. Things never panned out all that well as his base running ability was not as hoped. Stealing only 118 bases in his 10 year career was far less than expected plus getting caught 86 times didn't help. Not having lead off abilities didn't help his cause either. Although his consistent numbers did help most clubs he played for with a lifetime BA of .285 and OBP of .337.

Francisco Rivera was second on the list with a $4.6M signing bonus. A big arm that induced mostly ground balls made him a need in short relief. Not possessing great skill but normally found a way to get the job done. Enjoyed the game in his 15 year and really had a couple exceptional seasons.

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