Sunday, October 16, 2011

It is that time of the year, Draft Day

Wow, such an interesting season they have put together. I swear someone has tampered with something. Like how many teams can't win at home? Well, most of them. Salem isn't having any problems.

It is time for the draft however. I have the 10th pick, yahoo! With that pick I should get one out of my top 5. I am hoping anyway as I have what looks like 4 pretty good pitchers lined up that I am praying for. If not I am taking a pseudo DH, okay, he listed as a DH but is actually a decent power catcher. I originally was looking for a left handed power bat, there just wasn't one good enough, period. So if the top 5 are not available, I am selecting Amber Barrick of the Cleveland Crush (Just waiting for a uniform malfunction...mmmm)!

Only 5 games back in the East, the Mets could make a run. When was the last time the Mets scored more runs than they gave up? I kinda broke the prospect bank trying to make that run a possibility. If the pitching holds up (no more injuries), we have a chance. Facing the tough AL North in interleague play and the best two teams are coming to Shea. That isn't a good sign at all, but I have laid a surprising trap, guess we will find out soon enough. Either it will be good or have egg on my face once again. With my home woes, hope the eggs aren't rotten.

Well, time once again to get back to the ball game, I was hoping the Cards would lose btw.

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