Friday, October 14, 2011

IFA's In Retrospect Season 7

Junior Bocachica became the highest paid at $16.7M. He was actually underqualified to play 1B but his skills at the plate should have made an awesome player. Even playing in hitters parks he has only amassed 2,100 hits and 473 home runs. Underachiever comes to mind.

Ramon Ishida was signed for $12.2M. He fancied himself as a weak 2B and really should have only played COF as his GG for LF indicate. Having great plate skills and speed for the lead off spot that were hampered greatly by his lack of durability has cost him in stats. Has always landed on playoff teams however.

Alex Matos was signed for the cheap price of $11.2M. Having spent his entire career with one organization is hard to believe in some aspects. 6 All-Star appearances and a WS ring is not hard to believe along with his 182-91 record. Even with Ivan in the pen, I would say he has a very nice resume' for a HOF nomination in his future.

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