Thursday, October 27, 2011

Interesting Facts

An interesting thing happened on the way to the Forum.....ummm what is a Forum anyway? Is there such a thing anymore? Well, on the internet there is it

So anyway I was looking at my lone All-Star, Dom Tabaka. and thought he had some nice career save numbers. So I went poking around to see how good his numbers were. Other than being the all time career Saves leader for the Mets, I was wondering how he stood against the big names.

Vinny Post has 523 saves to lead the World and is retired. Why isn't Vinny in the HOF?

Pascual Solano is second and currently has 479 saves and is currently on the Toronto Blue Jays. He could possibly become the all time saves leader for a while.

Mitchell Ray had a total of 454 Saves. He also had a 39-43 won-loss record which is impressive for a closer. Also a member of the HOF when he was inducted in Season 20.

Zeus Singleton currently has 426 Saves playing for the Philadelphia Phillies. Since Zues is still young at the age of 31, he will probably end up as the leader before his career is through.

Augie Holbert has 362 Saves and Plays for Las Vegas. Amazingly he had 104 Saves while playing in Colorado for three years. Although not in the closer role this season he is still adding a few saves.

Dom may actually be next on the list with 341 currently and they are all with the Mets (might be the biggest Mets bright spot). A good finish this year could easily put him in a position to overtake fifth next year. With at least 3 seasons left in his career, he could easily see 450 career saves. Not bad for a lefty!

So I went looking at who was leading the Save arena this year and I found a couple surprises. Just look at the numbers on Benji Franco and Harry Beltran. All I can say is wowzers!

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