Wednesday, October 12, 2011

IFA Big Splashes

Linda Loo reporting on some money spending ways for Internationals. Polin Ordaz made big waves with a signing bonus of $21M. Mexico City was hoping for a future SS but even with his buff throwing arm my thinking is a Gold Glove 3B. Those strong arms provides a very nice embrace to go with that oh so nice muscular chest (pant) his eye sight is a little off as he mistook the camera man for me. At the plate he may not see well but has the penchant to get on base often and is really fast once he rounds the curves which can leave a pretty girl high, wet and rather unsatisfied. One not to give up which is a big plus.

Not to be outdone, Chicago stepped up to the plate with the signing of Pat Suzuki for a whopping $26M. Ladies, this is one guy you need to steer clear of. This is a small package with big potential. A Gold Glove 2B is a distinct possibility as his hands were deftly everywhere from the onset. Jackhammer speed and strength was unbelievable and would make the energizer bunny proud. Hitting my base paths with ease soaring over the walls consistently with no problems. The biggest concern is why an 18 year needs viagra already?

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