Sunday, October 2, 2011

IFA's in Retrospect, Season 1

Pasqual Martinez was the highest paid player in Season 1 and was targeted by the Chicago White Sox organization, now Boston Red Sox. Now 38 and still hoping a team in pitching need comes calling. Had a relatively stellar career, maybe not HOF worthy though, with a 183-129 record as a starter. A two time All Star and garnered a Season 16 World Series ring while in Boston. Recording double digit wins as a starter from season 10 through 19 while compiling a lifetime ERA of 4.08. His productivity made his $8.5M signing bonus look small comparatively.

Tony Torrealba was brought up as a 2B in his early years. Luckily in those early years defense was not a big concern of the game as he wouldn't have passed mustard. As a key component of the Big Red Machine during the steroid years produced somewhat big numbers. Was a ROY, 5 time All Star and two World Series rings are just a few of his accomplishments. Having over 2,000 hits, 400 homers and a lifetime BA of .298 made him worthy of the $6M signing bonus he was paid. Don't think Tony ever used steroids if you ask me.

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