Friday, October 21, 2011

IFA's In Retrospect Season 8

Juan Carrasquel was the top winner in the Season 8 IFA Market with a $19.8M signing bonus. Spending 11 seasons in Pittsburgh, he holds the teams career record and single season record in Home Runs. Now playing with the Angels should eclipse the 600 Home Run mark this season. With a few seasons yet to play he could eclipse the 700 mark, but is declining. With many accolades other than a Wold Series ring should easily become a HOFer.

Cesar Rincon was signed for $17.5M in a signing bonus. Still young at the age of 31, has a few years yet to play. Has put together some good seasons and has a 140-103 record.

Damaso Estrada was signed for $17.3M in signing bonus. Having an ugly glove and hitting that has proved inconsistent, never lived up to his ability or potential.

Pascual Solano was signed for $11.6M. Has enjoyed more success than several other who were paid more money. Four time Fireman of the Year and five All-Star nominations to his credit. Has 473 saves to his credit, could he surpass 500 this year? Seems unlikely but should easily accomplish that feat before his career ends.

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