Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Early Season Tweets

Milwaukee Brewers: I hate my team! We should be 47-0!
Pittsburgh Pirates: Where have the good times gone?
Cincinnati Reds: $16M to keep Peter Alexander and we get molested?
Chicago Cubs: At least we are not wasting money on wins.
Philadelphia Phillies: No old timers game in Philly, we can't play ourselves.
Cleveland Indians: Much nicer than Baltimore, can I have Atlanta back?
New York Mets: Touting Rookie of the Year players but home field is stumping us.
St. Louis Browns: We are not a football team..grrr..
Houston Astros: We need more home run power.
Florida Marlins: Ivan The Terrible is great!
Mexico City Diablos Rojos: la cucaracha que mea
Charlotte Knights: Cameron Diaz bobble heads?
Salem Super Sequoias: Being blamed for 90% pregnancy rate in Salem is NOT our fault.
Arizona Diamondbacks: House of Slithern rocks...TTTHHHHHHsssssssssss
Los Angeles dodgers: Under new Management...theme for real life LA lately.
San Francisco Giants: We have been quaked, that's our excuse and we are sticking by it.

Minnesota Twins: No One knows us, let's leave it that way.
Seattle Mariners: Don't worry we will pilot our way to the front.
Toronto Blue Jays: Who pulled out tail feathers?
Detroit Tigers: The AI can lose just as easy.
Dover Dung Beetles: Suddenly suicidal.
Boston Red Sox: Early season collapse avoids end of season woes.
Atlanta Braves: $12M for some armorall, really?
Washington D.C. Senators: Jobs, who needs jobs?
Tampa Bay Rays: Big fish, little pond.
Texas Rangers: Their is a new sheriff in town!
Little Rock Heads: We talk our fool heads off but mostly give.
Kansas City Royals: 5-18 at home..give us a break.
Las Vegas Slobs: Sin City never looked better.
Helena Hot Pockets: Hungry Man may be the way to go.
San Diego Padres: We may have shaved heads but we are not....
Anaheim Angels: We are determined to make sure no one has a winning record at home.

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