Thursday, October 13, 2011

IFA's In Retrospect Season 5

Fernando Tavarez was the highest paid International with a $12.4M signing bonus. Winning the Cy Young with the Corndogs in season 12 has been the highlight of his career with a 5-4 and 1 save recorded in 26 post-season appearances. Should have 200 wins to his credit sometime this year.

Luis Guerrero was signed by The NY Mets for $9.8M. Living in Shea just didn't help his stats as they were well below what could have been.

Wascar Sanchez was signed by the Yankees for $7M. Was never a fan favorite even when he batted .351 for KC. Passing the 2,000 hit mark this season with Texas could be his last.

Andres Coronado was signed for $6.9M as many passed on a future closer. Not much on awards but has compiled 336 saves in 376 opportunities and still counting in his career with Pittsburgh. Very possible future HOFer.

David Guardado was signed to the cheap price of $6.1M. Pitchers learned that he struggled making contact for unknown reasons and often became a strike out victim. Has become a mainstay in the Mariners organization the last 3 seasons.

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