Friday, October 21, 2011

Can't Leave the AL Out

The AL North has had two contenders from the start so far albeit a surprise. The surprise Twinkies started out of the gate quickly but a persistent Mariners team has finally caught up. The Jays can't win at home as they were the preseason ponderance to possibly overtake the Mariners. The Tigs aren't all that bad but don't think they can mount a comeback.

The AL East had a surprise out of the gate also as Dover got on top and looked to run and hide from the pack. Boston was the favorites for some odd reason and have taken over control temporarily maybe. The Braves were on the move but have cooled off recently. The Senators are still fighting amongst themselves but aren't out the race yet.

The AL South looks like the bitter shambles that resembled last season suddenly. Winning at home isn't their forte for sure. Then again, on the road isn't making for happy times either. The Rays are the best team, but can they be there in the end or crumble like last year? Look out for them Rangers, they will sneak up on anybody. Little Rock keep talking enough to fool anyone then zap, there they are. KC is a mystery, just like the Jays (its Black Bart I tell ya).

The AL West is in their ordinary fight, can't count anybody out until the last pitch is thrown. Helena and Vegas keep swapping spots and can't be focused on each other. History tends to repeat itself here, so the Pads and Angels are by no means out of contention.

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