Monday, October 3, 2011

IFA's in Retrospect, Season 3

Donald Satou was the highest paid International with a $12.5M signing bonus shelled out by dilo no less. A 9 time All Star and two time Cy Young award winner are just icing to his stellar career and future HOFer. Being at the end of his career and still seeking that World Series ring he has come home to where it all began in Milwaukee. With a 3-0 start to this season, the dream could finally come true.

Louie Moraga was signed for $8.3M by the old Florida franchise which is now in Mexico City. Like Satou made the jump directly to the majors and enjoyed great success early in his career. Injuries started taking their toll however and just didn't pitch all that well after the elbow injury in Season 9. Finishing his career with a 179-121 record is nothing to be ashamed of.

Mariano Borbon was the only high profile International player signed by the great Erf for $8M. Matter of fact was the last International player signed by Erf. He wasn't an outstanding pitcher but played for a great team that garnered him 4 World Series rings. On the Houston roster this year in a long relief role which very well could be his last.

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