Tuesday, November 22, 2011

AL Finally

What a dramatic finish for the AL Wild Card. BTW, it took me 25 minutes to figure out the tie-breakers. I have seen a 3 way tie but that is the first 4 way, almost sounds kinky. Anyway this is how it played out against the predictions:

1. Seattle - A correct prognostication.
2. Tampa Bay - We just didn't have them this high and no jinx.
3. Las Vegas - Wow, we had them in the 6th spot.
4. Boston - So they moved down a slot.
5. Minnesota - The surprise entry and what a final push.
6. Helena - Had them winning the division but barely survived another meltdown.

I believe the Manager of the Year for the AL should be between (What ya think SJR?):

dakar - Best team in the AL
wrecks- Finally! Organizations first division title and only second playoff.
cmchristians - Surprising everyone into the playoffs
edham55 - 21-3 to finish the season and come from way back just to fall a tie-breaker short. Hear that noise? No? That was curses from the silent one.

Player Awards

AL MVP - I am leaning toward Raymond Barr just because he had better numbers across the board. 40 HR's, 39 SB's .292 Avg and played a good CF. Shayne Marte and his Avg just turns me off. Will have to think about Jesse Brennaman, may not have the HR production but the rest of the numbers are very good.

AL Cy Young - Tony Lansing, a shame Matthews only has a 14 durability.

AL ROY: Chong is FOY so I am going with Ronny Gant just because he plays a better 1B.

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