Friday, November 4, 2011

Ding Ding Goes the Dinger

Juan Carrasquel hit his 600th home run of his career! That is a great milestone for any player and Juan is a great player. How many would he have had if he played his home games in a plus park I wonder?

How does he stand on the all-time list I am not sure but he is not in the top 5 yet. Joey Tracy is number 1 with 745 long balls and still counting but his days are almost numbered. Can he reach 750 before the end of the season? Can he play first base next year and still be a quality player? We will have to wait and see.

Willie Pizzaro is number 2 on the list and is also still active with 656. He is really upset in his role this year and isn't getting much playing time.

Randy Lamb, the Met great, hit 627 homers and currently ranks number 3 on the list, all of them but 1 in a Mets uniform also. How he accomplished that feat is questionable.

Omar Nixon also hit 627 home runs and is number 4 on the list. His rapid decline at the end of his career signaled a quick end. A steroid monster was always questioned.

Rocky Spencer is 5th on the list but will move up to number 3 with 629+ dingers at the end of the season. It will be his last we suspect as his durability and health just won't sustain much more.

Given Juan's current age and abilities, it is very possible that he could wind up second all time. That is only 57 more and I think he can do it with ease.

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