Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sweeping Mayhem in the AL

Just when we thought the AL was sorta set, a sweeping mayhem upsets the balance. The Twinkie sweep of Helena caused the first problem in the AL Wild card race. We definitely did not see that coming. Furthermore we did not expect a Texas sweep of Las Vegas either. Those two sweeps combined with San Diego splitting Atlanta caused an uproar that has a couple owners very disgusted with their teams.

Will the South champs try and rest their stars or try and slow down the peaking Rangers? With 6 to go and only the Rays and Heads in their way of a possible Wild Card and we suddenly mean "WILD". Can they maintain their win streak?

The Twinkies have the Tigs and Jays in their way, so we can't rule them out of a possible trip to the playoffs either.

Helena has the Padres and Slobs while the Padres face the Angels to finish the season. The Helena - San Diego series takes on a whole new meaning. Both will be in a must win situation.

What will happen is very interesting to watch.

In the NL things went like we expected, well almost. The Mets were hoping for a Houston sweep or at least a 3-1 series win against the Phils. That didn't happen, while the Mets split their series with the Cubs in a couple weird and whacky games. Both have the Indians and Browns upcoming. The Phillies are in luck because they have a 1 game lead and thee Mets must finish in first alone.

Arizona split with the Pirates as they needed a sweep to make it. That split didn't help the Dodgers either as they split their series with the Reds. Although the D'Backs and Dodgers are not out math wise, they both must face Salem and Frisco.

Pittsburgh has the Cubs and Brewers left on their schedule. The Brewers have the Reds next in sight. The Brewers are in the cat bird seat in the North needing a win and a Pirate loss at the least.

Boydndahood is shaking in his cleats, worried about impending doom from the Marlins. Houston plays Mexico City while Florida plays Charlotte before the inevitable match up between the two. 10 pounds of sunflower seeds have been delivered trying to calm him down.

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