Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Twenty Game Season

How much of a change was caused in the last 10 games? Another quick look as the season winds to a screeching halt. 9 of the remaining 20 is within the division.

NL North

Brewers didn't help themselves what so ever. Then again the Pirates had to put up with the stingy Mets that didn't help their cause. The Reds did make a bit of a move and are still in contention for a Wild Card.

NL East

This has turned into a horse race whether anyone wanted it or not. Phillies have somewhat of an easier schedule, but....

NL South

Houston seems to have staked their claim to the title but still too close to call. Houston seems to have a bit of a tougher schedule. Florida has a 10 game lead on the Wild Card so they aren't that worried about the post season.

NL West

Salem walked away with the division a few days ago. A 9 game lead for the #1 seed looks very convincing.

NL Wild Card

Florida claims the first spot if they can't over take Houston. That leaves six teams in contention for the final spot and all are within 5 games of Pittsburgh. That should make these last 20 games a furious battle.

AL North

Seattle is close to clenching and also has a 6 game lead on the #1 seed, both are inevitable I do declare.

AL East

Boston has made a move and has a 7 game lead. But things could get ugly before its over but I don't expect it.

AL South

Tampa Bay has a 13 game lead and doesn't look like they are going to throw it away this year.

AL West

Las Vegas moved out to a 9 game lead that looks very imposing.

AL Wild Card

This looks like a three horse race at the moment and you might see a lot of biting and snapping before it is over. 2 of the three leading contenders are in the same division, you know what that means: hatred. The Twinkies also face one of those 2. Fun FUn FUN!!!

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