Monday, November 14, 2011

A Flushing Miracle

First and foremost on Mets fans minds is the fact we are in FIRST! That hasn't happened this late in the season since, well, like maybe NEVER. Not in Shea at least, though there is some contention since season 2 they could have been. Since becoming the Mets however, they have never been in first place and have not had a winning season even. As an organization, not since season 1 when they where in Syracuse. Could this season break the curse they seem to have acquired? With 23 to play, we can only hope.

We have already met two goals this season and the third is within striking distance. The first was to win 65 games, should be any teams first goal. Second was to beat last years win total, well we will do that with one more win. The third goal is to be above .500, we have a good chance to do that. Fourth goal is to win the division, we are very optimistic (or pessimistic, hell, just fill the damn glass up and get on with it is my answer) on that one.

Hynotoad brought up an interesting question about Anderson Henley. I really don't understand it either and it may be why Keebo always had problems. George Atkins became the first 15 game winner for the Mets in years during season 19. Injured in season 20, he has never pitched with decent quality since. I wouldn't call him great but a cut above average, in other words I would say he should win about 13 to 15 games a year. Now why is Henley 16-2? The answer seems to lie in history. All the winningest Met pitchers have something in common, their abilities are basically alike and they match Henley's. Other than that I am completely buffaloed for any other answer. That is why I say it is the mystique of Shea.

It is kind of an odd story on how Henley actually ended up on the ML roster in the first place. He was slated to pitch in AA this year and had a good spring. Ted Maxwell was injured in the third game of the season and I needed a replacement and Henley was the only thing remaining that looked like a starting pitcher. He was placed as the B pitcher in the tandem rotation. When we broke out of the tandem I decided to leave him as the starter and the rest is history. Believe it or not, he is already tied for fourth place all time for wins in a single season.

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