Monday, November 7, 2011

A Bad Broadway Musical

The Mets are back to .500 once again which is probably the best news of the season, well, for us anyway. That and we are only two behind the struggling Phillies. We can still do it, but then again one has to overcome disaster. The disaster occurred after last nights game against the Knights. Domingo Jose had to have knee surgery, what a setback for a team trying to get to the post season for the first time in years. It didn't happen during the game (well it wasn't in the box score), it just happened which seems to me like a first.

I was thinking about a move anyway, though this was not what I had in mind for sure. Carlos Mesa was brought up to take his place with the open roster spot. I had a choice and thought a left-handed bat in the lineup was the best solution. I do worry about Carlos and his anemic health however. He did suffer a playoff ending injury last season and most of this year so maybe the worst is behind him.

I am a bit financially bound to get a player from the Waiver Wire, sorta my fault but there isn't much I can do. Besides, I am not really wanting to give up the precious young talent that I do have. So I am bit cornered with no way out...egads!

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