Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Best of AAA?

I was temporarily in aah of the best prospects the showed up a couple days ago. Like wow man, I would love to have those guys available for my team. Then I took a look, blah was all I could think of. Most of them don't even have a career in the majors. So I decided to take a look at the AAA leaders to see if there was some outstanding candidates worthy of submission. It wasn't an easy task by any means.

First I looked at home runs, it took awhile in the list but finally found two that have ML written all over them. Del Alvarez plays for KC, though maybe not a great 1B (okay maybe he sucks is more likely), he should succeed as a DH. We think he needs at least another year of development as he is not exactly burning things up at the plate. Manuel Camacho could very well turn out to be a pitchers nightmare. A good rollover and spring could allow him to be on the ML roster next year and at 3B at a minimum also.

Okay, I didn't search all 25 but this was the best of the top 15, so I looked at BA next. Surprise, another Cleveland stand out in Carl Mattingly. Looks like they have been hoping for him to get his fielding habits in perspective but it just hasn't happened. Of course his health has a little to do with it maybe, but he could definitely play RF. How Will Palmer has a .323 average is beyond me (just had to mention that Dilo). Robinzon Aguilera may have a great career in SD where huge power is not a must at 1B. Vic Rios may have a hard time getting a job at the ML level even though he is or could be a very good hitter and play a great 1B and run. What can you do with a guy that can terrorize right-handed pitchers with low power but lefties befuddle him?

I thought pitching would be easy, but there I go thinking once again. Willie Ellis has the most wins and has failed at the ML level already and at the age of 31 might consider retirement. Willie Pascual has potential at least.

Victor Guerrero leads AAA with 39 saves but not sure he is actually closer material. Ramon Nakajima is more likely to be a closer and could join the ML ranks next year. Graham Jensen is a very likely candidate but needs a couple more years to develop.

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