Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Near the End

With a game to go, the race in the NL is over. A few surprises but not much more than expected really.

So how did the early predictions turn out?


1. Salem - Was the early favorite and turned out right on the money.
2. Houston - A bit of a surprise was expected to be the 5th seed.
3. Brewers - Right on target.
4. Philly - Malingered but made it anyway.
5. Florida - We really thought Ivan the Terrible would keep them in the 2 slot but alas, we thought wrong.
6. Pittsburgh - After 7 straight titles it was time for a change even though we thought Arizona would take this spot, they did challenge it.

Biggest surprises:

Dodgers - Hypnotoad did a fantastic job taking over and almost put them in.
Arizona - Not really a surprise to me but above .500 for the first time since season 9.
Mets - Above .500 in a Mets uniform and the first time since season 2.

I believe the Manager of the Year for the NL should be between (What ya think SJR?):

jsholmes - Best team in Season 21.
Hypnotoad - Taking over a good franchise and nearly putting them in the playoffs.
tylermathias - Putting that beleaguered franchise on the map.
firesign34 - Finally giving New York fans hope.

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