Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Things Are Heating Up!

A little less than 40 games to go and things are getting a little heated. In the NL things are a bit tight knit as two races are shaping up to be barn burners. The AL has looked rather strange all year long and anything can still happen.

Seattle has control of the AL North, 10 more wins could easily put them out of reach and with the #1 seed even.

Boston is in the cat-bird seat in the AL East as streaky Dover struggles to get above .500 and remain close. Atlanta is not down and out yet, could they catch fire?

Tampa Bay looks rather comfy in the AL South, of course we said that last year and look what happened. This year is different however and it is called a 14 game deficit.

AL West looks like it did last year, Slobs and Pockets duking it out over first, Padres twiddling their thumbs (well maybe something else also). Will it end with the same drama?

The Wild Card has three contenders above .500 for two slots and a host of pretenders, this could wind up to be a wooly show in the end.

NL North is seeing a lot of action this year. The Brewers have been entrenched all year but just can't seem to pull away. Then came the Pirates lack of enthusiasm all of a sudden. The Reds are on a roll so things seem a little shaky yet.

The NL East appears to be the laughing stock as the Phils are in first and can't win. The Mets are in second get to .500 then quit playing.

Florida and Houston are still lamenting over who should be in first and who will get the wild card in the NL South. Do wish they would make up their minds.

Salem has all but mathematically wrapped up the NL West and the #1 seed.

A four team race for the final wild card spot, looks like some fur will fly for that one.

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