Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Dirty Thirty

Yup, we are down to the last 30 games of the season. Who has a chance and who is a pretender remains to be seen. We will take our best shot however. The NL has only one team getting ready to print their playoff tickets, while a couple others know they are in but not sure where and a couple fights are starting to simmer. The AL on the other hand is still a hotbed of contention for the most part.

NL North

Brewers are in first but not a comfy one. The Pirates are scrambling and hanging tough even though they had an ugly 2-12 stretch. The Reds were hot but not lately and may have slid out of contention.

NL East

The Phillies are mostly cold as of late and barely keeping their heads above water. The Mets are very streaky but are at .500 once again and were tied for first for a while, very few remember the last time that happened this late in the season.

NL South

Houston is in first but only by two. Florida hangs close. This one may not be decided til their last series but both are playoff bound.

NL West

Salem is in coast mode and only need 9 games to wrap up the division. 11 games up for the #1 seed, we don't see that changing either.

Wild Card

Florida or Houston will take the #5 seed as the best guess at the moment. The Pirates, Dodgers and D'Backs are all fighting for the final spot. The Mets and Reds look like pretenders in the Wild Card race.

AL East

Seattle has bulged to a 14 game lead in their division but only aq 5 game lead for the #1 seed. Is that comfy enough? Well, yes and no. Twinkies could make it interesting but that is a pretender thinking.

AL East

Boston is up by 4 games, not so comfy by any margin. Dover could sneak up and take it yet but need to get going. Atlanta still has its chances also. Who will get hot and who could go stone cold could cause an interesting situation here.

AL South

Tampa is up by 13 and looks like a shoo-in.

AL West

Slobs are up by 6 and that is well, intimidating, for this division. Helena is not out and will fight tooth and nail til the end. Padres have mounted a come back before, so we can't rule them out either.

Wild Card

At the moment the Wild Cards are being fought over by the Pockets, Twinkies, and Padres. We will call those ones even favorites at the moment while the pretenders are Dover, Toronto and Anaheim.

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