Wednesday, November 9, 2011

And The Fans Scream

Okay, time for another history type lesson. So I was looking at the Home Run leader, Greg Woods and wondering if he had a chance to be the all time long ball champ. A little dissecting is in order. First he is 30 and makeup is not that powerful and it is possible that his ratings might start declining as early as next year sometime. Even with that, he has a chance to hit close to 200 dingers in that time before serious deterriation begins. That will put him in the neighborhood of over 600 long balls. Maybe we should call in Dr Long John now? Our current Long Ball King is Joey Tracy, who has mounted a career on masterful dingers to the tune of 745. We are expecting this to be his last year btw, 750 is still possible though. Giving Greg at least 425 total after this season and maybe a couple more than that, he would still need about 325 to surpass Joey. Five or six more years, he would need to average 50 a year to come close, not impossible but I think maybe unlikely.

Of course we need to acknowledge a few other of Joeys feats, like eclipsing 2,000 RBI's and 1,600 runs to go with the Home Run King accomplishment. Take a bow Joey, you deserve it!

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