Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Disgusting 10

Why Disgusting? There are 10 games left to play and the final push for a playoff spot begins. Who is still in the race and who will be disgusted at the end.

NL North

The Brewers have a 4 game lead over the Pirates. Basically the Brewers need 3 wins to gain a playoff spot. The Pirates could overtake the Brewers but it will be tough.

NL East

Philadelphia has a one game lead over the surprising Mets. New York has their fingers crossed as the schedule does favor them.

NL South

The Houston lead is 4 games over Florida. Both are in the playoffs already. The winner gets a bye with the #2 seed. We don't see this changing btw.

NL West

Salem is the best team in the league this season and have the division and #1 seed all to themselves.

Wild Card

The loser of the South wins the first Wild Card spot. Pittsburgh, Los Angeles and Arizona are all fighting for the final spot. Pittsburgh has a 2 game lead and the schedule favors them in all reality. Baring a total Pirate collapse the NL should look like this.

1. Salem
2. Houston
3. Milwaukee
4. Philadelphia/New York
5. Florida
6. Pittsburgh

Not really all that much drama in the AL as the only battles left is for the wild cards.

Seattle has won the North and the #1 seed.

Boston has won the East.

Tampa Bay Has won the South.

Las Vegas needs to win one or two to wrap up the West

Helena needs a combination of 5 wins to wrap up a wild card spot, easier said than done sometimes.

San Diego needs a combination of 7 wins to wrap up the wild card spot, also easier said than done.

Texas and Minnesota would almost need to win out, not impossible but very unlikely. Though we can see Texas doing just that.

Baring something unusual, like a complete collapse from Helena or San Diego or both the AL should look like this:

1. Seattle
2. Las Vegas
3. Tampa bay
4. Boston
5. Helena
5. San Diego

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