Wednesday, November 23, 2011

End of Season Tweets

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Milwaukee Brewers - Take one down, pass it around. Nominate me too!
Pittsburgh Pirates - Shumpert, what was I thinking?
Cincinnati Reds - Those turkeys above have another thing coming next year.
Chicago Cubs - Rebuild? More like teach these turkeys how to play.

Seattle Mariners - Where can I buy Fantasy Baseball Insurance?
Minnesota Twins - No bout adoubt it, we are for real!
Toronto Blue Jays - All that money spent and I have to speak to Peggy.
Detroit Tigers - This didn't work, that didn't work, what does work?

Boston Red Sox - The good, the bad, the ugly, we are all three.
Dover Dung Beetles - Suburgatory!
Atlanta Braves - I shot an arrow into the air! Oh!
Washington D.C. Senators - Donkeys and Elephants don't make good mascots.

Philadelphia Phillies - B-day cake anyone, well roasted. AARP Insurance sold here.
New York Mets - Financial lockouts suck!
Cleveland Indians - Turkey, stuffing, noodles, taters, cranberry sauce = off day!
St. Louis Browns - WTF? We were railroaded.

Tampa Bay Rays - No more frustration. No more jinxes.
Texas Rangers - Shhh while we unique up on dem.
Little Rock Heads - What do you mean there were no IFA's?
Kansas City Royals - .276 batting average, for and against.

Houston Astros - VL would have been so simple.
Florida Marlins - We bought IJ's sister a thigh master. He came in 9 sizes even.
Mexico City Diablos Rojos - Shouldn't have ate those turkey tamales.
Charlotte Knights - I think I get it now.

Las Vegas Slobs - I wanted a bye...Waaaaah.
Helena Hot Pockets - Almost blew it again.
San Diego Padres - Oh so close but no cigar.
Anaheim Angels - Thoroughly disgusted.

Salem Super Sequoias - We are the best, lets prove it.
Los Angeles Dodgers - Compassion doesn't work in baseball does it?
Arizona Diamondbacks - Next year we cut down the trees.
San Francisco Giants - Number 1 pick! Oh yeah, Number 1 pick! Proof positive DH's don't work.

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