Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Flirty Forty

The Jose SWAGs and what they really think is self evident. Which would you choose?

Now on to the brighter future.

Actually this post was really suppose to happen after the next game, but oh well, time constraints ya know.

The NL is like a mess, more like the IN crowd and the wanna be's!

NL North

The Cubs and Pirates are in a battle for the division crown. Will the loser get the 6th seed that could be enshrouded in a Castle mystery novel with Niki Heat. The Brewers and Reds remain hopeful but the reality of the situation looks more like a Grimm fairy tale.

NL East

Looks like the NL North with different names. Mets and Phillies with a diabolical plot with so many twists and turns that makes the head rattle. The remaining schedule of both teams looks like a plausible escape for the Indians to make a sneak attack. The Chikenwings in Louisville have been plucked and look forward to an enjoyable snack during the playoffs.

NL South

What can be said this year, Florida took over a few games ago and hasn't looked back and have their sights set on the number 1 seed. Houston has already claimed the number 5 seed but haven't given up hope. Haven't they? Mexico City took the analysis to heart a bit and have ushered in the Yoshii ball era. He has single handily enjoined the devilish spirit of the team for a 5 game win streak. Don't count them out as of yet to make a run at the 6th spot. The Hawks has succumbed to their fate but will pick up the number 1 pick next year.

NL West

Salem has been dragging their cleats lately but still could fight their way to the number 1 seed. The D'Backs aren't eliminated from the division crown yet, but come on, they would need to win them all, like that would happen. Could make a push to the last wild card spot though. The Dodgers and Giants play spoiler where they can.

At a Glance:

1. Florida - Already a playoff team
2. Salem - Already a playoff team
3. Cubs/Pirates/Mets/Phils - One of them gets this slot
4. Cubs/Pirates/Mets/Phils - One of them gets this slot - broken record
5. Houston - Just because no one else can
6. Repeat of the broken record with Arizona, Cleveland, Milwaukee and Mexico City joining the fray.

After Florida, Salem and Houston, it looks like mediocrity at best, but mediocrity has a tendency to win.

On to the AL where mediocrity seems to reign supreme.

AL North

Seattle has taken recent control of the situation with a 9 game win streak as Minnesota tripped over home plate. Even the Tigers are showing some life. The Blue Jays have been shooing the cats away.

AL East

The Red Sox suddenly came alive enough to throw the rest of the division into despair. I don't expect there to be much of a fight in the final forty. Despair is only short lived as the rest of the division is actually still in a wild card race.

AL South

It took over half the season for this division to right itself. Tampa Bay spurts then sputters just enough to keep Texas off their fins. Don't rule those gun totin Texans, remember lasts years remarkable run to fall just short. Little Rock and KC just keep rockin the boat.

AL West

The Padres zoomed out to the lead early and no one has decided to put up a fight to slow them down. The rest of the pack seem to be having a bitter sibling fight that just isn't going away.

At a glance

1. San Diego - With 10 more wins another team would be hard pressed to catch up.
2. Boston - Same as San Diego but the only thing here is who has the most wins at the end.
3. Seattle/Minnesota - eenie meenie minee moee
4. Tampa Bay/Texas - Remarkable isn't it?
5 and 6. It is easier to list the three teams that don't look capable. Speaking of mediocrity.

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