Thursday, February 9, 2012


What do the league leaders have in common with each other as the teams head for the turn into the home stretch? After the All-Star break each team played their division rivals and one big curious fact made a leap to the forefront. That and a couple others to be exact.

Each team has a winning record in their respective division. In the NL all four teams are 15-6 which is a bit curious in itself. The AL teams are a bit more demonstrative in this category but still maintain their winning ways. This record is paramount in the event of ties by the way especially when head to head are tied also.

For the most part these teams have an above .500 record in 1-run games and for the most part extra inning games also.

In the NL North, Chicago has won 10 of 14 since the All-Star break but three key losses to Pittsburgh hurt. Those three wins by Pittsburgh enabled them to stay close as they are struggling.

In the NL East, New York is hanging on against the resurgent Phillies. The Phills are actually enjoying a flagrantly easy schedule at this time but will toughen up shortly. The Mets took 2 of 3 Salem, oh joy.

In the NL South, Florida is streaking, call the cops please. Houston remains close but seem to be coasting as they know another 10 to 15 wins will put them in the playoffs.

In the NL West, Salem has almost an insurmountable 30 game lead but barely holds the number 1 seed. Arizona is trying to stay in the final wild card hunt.

In the AL North, Seattle and Minnesota keep duking it out for the top spot. This could take the rest of the season to resolve itself.

In The AL East, Boston has pushed itself into a comfortable lead. Atlanta made a push but has fallen on hard times.

In the AL South, Tampa Bay is slowly asserting itself. Texas is trying to hold on.

In the AL West, San Diego has walked away with the lead. Helena is holding down second and a Wild Card lead, will the meltdown our again this season?

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