Thursday, February 9, 2012

Broken Records

There will be some records broken by the end of the year as the record watches are on tap in several cities. The Vinny Post injury kinda hastened this little article a bit.

Vinny currently holds the ErrfDogg Saves record with 523. He played all 14 major league seasons with the Houston organization. Vinny will probably end his career with an injury while playing in the minors for Toronto. The irony is Pascual Solano of Toronto needs nine more to tie Vinny and 10 to eclipse this all time record. Pascual is only 34 and may have another year or two left but is starting to show heavy signs of age and being at the end of his contract could be the end of another HOF career at the ML level.

Zeus Singleton has passed Mitchell Ray, who should be in the Hall mind you, for third on the list. Zeus currently has 460 and at the young age of 32 could easily overtake both for first before his playing time is over.

Dwight Hall currently 5th all time needs 1 more save to reach the 400 barrier. However, holding on to that 5th spot will be short lived as Dom Tabaka is only 10 behind in the chase.

Future HOF, Omar Elcano currently holds the win record with 326. Having a so-so season Philly hasn't really upped his game much but does look to have another season left if he can squeeze out some more big bucks. Britt Swindell was hoping to see some ML action so he could tie or go ahead of Yamil Pulido for second all time. It doesn't look likely but one never knows.

Donald Satou was also hoping to have one last great season in Salem so he could also pass Yamil. He has lost a little too much and is having trouble getting to the 5th inning.

Ivan Johnson on the other hand is moving quickly up the list and only needs 5 more wins to slide into second on the list. He is still young at 30 and should easily catch Omar before his career is over. One would think however that a big asterisk be put by his name in the Hall for having all of those wins and never started a game. Such a beast, no wonder he is called Ivan the Terrible.

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