Friday, February 3, 2012

Disaster on the Diamond

The injury to Charlie Stone is devastating and could be career ending at his age. What is the truth, can you handle the truth? Well for starters he is out for a year with a cost of $16.6M, that is first hard thing to swallow. Secondly, he took some hard hits to his range, health and speed. The bright spot here is he can go on the 60 day DL where he will recover some of it at the end of the season. After rollover he can be put on the DL again and have a second recovery. Third problem is his age, will he suck up some more losses or will they be retained is a question I don't have an answer for.

Could this be the worst contract of all time? It could be in the end or maybe not. Right at the moment I still vote for the Tuck Buck contracts as the worstest. His contracts over the years equated to about $1M per win and $78,000 per loss. You have to remember in his big contract years he only had 134 wins and was paid well over $146M with signing bonuses even if I remember right. Couple that with his 115 losses, made him the costly player of all time with not so great production. He did get to pitch twice in the playoffs with KC early in his career also, one a 7 inning no decision then later a 4 inning loss.

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