Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Player Awards

I have been looking over the awards also and trying to make sense of them myself. Of course there are 21 games to go and things could change.

NL MVP: Salem has an overwhelming edge at winning the coveted award. I agree with Pichardo being in the top slot but more inclined that Hill be in the second slot mostly because of dinger count. Brennaman has a great average and hits a lot of doubles don't get me wrong.

AL MVP: Shayne Marte with a .232 average? Pepe Feliz with a .264 average? Pablo Solano is more like it if you ask me with that .313 average even though his dinger production is 10 below the others.

NL Cy Young: Here is the biggest oddity of them all. Five pitchers in the list and the top four haven't started a game. Albert Cubillan is the only starter and only has 14 wins. Almost sounds disrespectful to the award. Maybe we need a new one?

AL Cy Young: Things look just as amiss here if you ask me. Rob Holzemer, a lefty no less, has 17 wins, shocker? My lefty actually has as good a ratings and struggles to win a game on a good day. If it wasn't for the NL list, Byung-Hyun Chong would be a surprise. Shaggy "Dinger" Stratton in the 3rd slot with 16 wins is another. Turner Ferrell has 16 wins also with a good park and team for doing that. Winston "Long Ball" Maxwell also chimes in with 16 wins. I wonder if someone can enlighten me about his ratings and his propensity for allowing home runs?

NL Rookie of the Year: No qualms about Carl Mattingly winning the award, his hitting and thievery is becoming legendary as is his non-plays at 2B.

AL Rookie of the Year: Clark Parrish is first and Del Alvarez is second, both on the Royals diamond. Alvarez looks better with a bat in hand. Parrish is being groomed to play 2B instead of shoving him into the position he isn't ready for.

Fireman of the Year: May not be the best but he who has the most saves.

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