Thursday, February 23, 2012

Record Updates

Pascual Solano became the all-time Saves leader with his 524th save. Highlighted by the fact he has only played with Toronto throughout his entire career.

Ivan 'The Terrible' Johnson passed pitching icon Yamil Pulido and now has 286 wins to his credit. He has his eyes set on being number 1 currently held by Omar Elcano who currently has 332 wins. It is unknown whether Omar will retire at the end of the season or not as he is starting to wane like Nolan Ryan.

Dwight Hall continues up the ladder as he has passed the 400 save mark in his career and currently has 412.

Zeus Singleton has passed the legendary Mitchell Ray on the all-time save list for third place. Currently with 470 saves is still young enough to catch up and surpass Pascual Solano.

Dom Tabaka has also passed the 400 save mark and is in hot pursuit of Dwight Hall for fifth all time. However his unwillingness to resign with the Mets could put him jeopardy of ever achieving that goal. Why you ask? His ratings doesn't really project to a star closer especially for a lefty.

Everett Hill has moved up the list in Home runs to the number 2 spot all time with 683. Needing less than 70 may still have the ability to make it to the number 1 spot. Joey Tracy is still trying for that magic 750 shot.

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