Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dirty Thirty

Once again it is time to get down and dirty for the last 30 games.

NL North

Cubs has widened the gap a bit to four games. Pittsburgh is hanging tough. One of these two are playoff bound if not both.

NL East

The Mets and Phillies have played cat and mouse for much of the season. Cleveland fans are excited because they know there is a chance. Taking advantage hasn't exactly been their strong suit so far.

NL South

Florida is the first team to 100 this season and has widened the lead to 12 games. Houston has decided to play it safe down the stretch as they have a wide lead for the first wild card spot.

NL West

Salem walked away early with the division crown and hasn't looked back. Arizona was hoping for a wild card spot but that looks even remote at the moment.

1. Florida
2. Salem
3. Chicago/Pittsburgh
4. Mets/Phillies/Indians
5. Houston
6. One of the losers in the 3 or 4 slot with an outside shot of Arizona or Milwaukee.

AL North or is it the West, dakar is confused?

Mariners surge ahead only to find the Twins still there in the morning. That might actually be fun if it was the twins from next door.

AL East

Boston is all alone at the top, we are not sure how really guess it is because they have the most wins. 18 game lead says it all though.

AL South

Tampa Bay is widening the gap but we ain't rulin them Texicans out after last years surprise finish.

AL West

The Padres are surprising themselves and have tamed the unruly west this season and have jumped out to the #1 seed even.

Wild Card here is more entertaining than the NL. With 8 teams still in a viable position for the two slots. 10 games separate most of them form top to bottom.

At the moment, Minnesota, Helena and Las Vegas are within slapping distance of each other while the rest of the East and West keep within shouting distance. Who will get hot and who will lose ground remains to be seen.

1. San Diego
2. Boston
3. Seattle/ Minnesota
4. Tampa Bay/Texas
5. and 6. is really too close even think about calling it.

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