Sunday, February 12, 2012

Indepth Look at Mexico City

The park is more of a pitchers park than that of a hitter. With negatives in the singles and doubles area makes it rough for slap hitters. With neutrality in the home run department, players need power. Best bet is that position players would need 70's across the board to do well consistently in hitting. Speed also helps to play small ball. Ground ball strike out pitchers as well as ground ball finesse pitchers should do well here also. Control, splits and pitches are still a concern. However as maybe 70's in control and 65 in splits might do well here they will rarely hold up on the road.

Cather: Both catchers are decent hitters but that is where it ends. Neither really make a good backstop at all as their PC is lacking, especially Saez. Nunez is barely above 50 and defense is weak. Saez is good defensively other than the dismal 40 PC and would be better suited as a weak power DH and emergency catcher. Cairo would be moderately helpful in replacing Saez but his contract is problematic.

1B: None listed as their priority so a player from another position plays here.

2B: Of the three listed, only Trajano has the wherewith all to play the position. His hitting won't be that great. The other two would be best served in LF.

3B: Jacquez plays the position rather well but hitting isn't great but does hit with some power.

SS: Marmol is better suited for 3B than SS and his hitting relatively even suited. Morales could be a GG SS but hitting or lack thereof causes problems. I wouldn't hesitate to use him as the starter though.

LF: Reboulet is listed but rarely plays because of his lack of hitting though it could surprise some people.

CF: Encarnacion is no GG winner but doable for the position. His hitting should be better than his stats indicate if you ask me.

RF: Yoshii needs to play as much as possible so his durability goes up at rollover. I would consider him at 1B. Baez isn't great at the position but I would use him because of that high eye that is needed. Where to Olson becomes problematic as he needs to play also and that bad glove..eek

Pitching: The starters are pretty good and can win anywhere. Lack of offense and no help in the pitch calling business I think hurts quite a bit. The pen isn't great but capable, well we will exclude Chen from that statement as Gilkey might have been a better choice.

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