Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Mets

What can you really say about a team that few doubted could be a contender. Still they were in it till the last day. A sweep over Cleveland coupled with two losses by Pittsburgh would have put them in the playoffs instead of Pittsburgh. Even on the last day, a win and another Pittsburgh loss would have done it, but alas it wasn't meant to be. Yeah, I held all the tie breakers.

Bitter? Not that I lost the game wholck. It was more that I should have beat up on that particular type of pitcher early. The third game I put Henley because I didn't care anymore and we win against a better pitcher, go figure. Just got frustrated as it was that way all season, lose to weak off-speed or so-so pitchers and beat the good ones. Sometimes it just doesn't make sense.

On a brighter note, what the Mets did well. Second season in a row we have been above .500, that is an accomplishment in itself. We did well at home for once, on the road was another matter. What they accomplished though is surprising. For starters, 227 doubles, 218 home runs and 178 stolen bases. Those numbers haven't been in the Mets vocabulary very often. Emil Flores even joined the 30/30 club, something that never happened in Salem. 31-19 in 1-run games and 14-6 in extra inning games, how cool is that.

So the offense was right on target really but the pitching had its moments, one day it was good and the next not so hot. Not sure what is up with that but it very well could spell doom next season.

Defense was pretty good also. Some still say that it doesn't matter but still all the playoff teams are under 100 errors. That really stands out to me.

Next season.

To start off we are hoping the coaching staff decides to return. I see no reason why they won't. However there will be a change at pitching coach unless something strange happens. We are looking for Kline to take over that position and our 10 year vet in Lee to take a hike. I know it sounds cruel, but no increase in the last 8 years and ranks 3rd from the bottom, time for a change.

It will be a trip to Free Agency as we are losing two pitchers off the staff and the minors just isn't ready. Tabaka did sign finally, not sure what was up with that exactly. Two in the second year of arbitration, me thinks they will get long term contracts. Other than that the Mets will be ready once again, this time to win.

KFC was right, that loss didn't help things at all. But to me the ones that hurt the most was the four game series at home against Mexico City that hurt the most followed closely by the Hot Pocket debacle. In the end it was Cleveland that did us in.

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