Sunday, February 12, 2012

International Market

Tony Martinez was signed by the Mexico City Diablos Rojos for $8.5M. Splits may be a bit on the weak side but control and pitches are not bad if things develop. The good part is all projections could come very close to fruition. If we equate him to the draft, he would be a mid to late first rounder so all is not bad.

Al Nunez was signed by the Little Rock Heads for $10.2M. Okay, so I miss the casting call on this kid as to why he was so expensive. Granted he is about ML ready but little room for advancement, nothing a year in the minors won't fix. Decent eye, splits, power and contact but nothing overwhelming at the plate. Not much speed on the base paths. Listed as a LF but suggests he will be nothing more than a 1B. Equating him to the draft I would say somewhere in the supplemental to second round.

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