Tuesday, February 21, 2012

International Market

The Cubs spent a little over $14M for Desi Guerrero. A purported SS that in my estimation would make a fine 3B at the most or one hell of a RF if the glove doesn't materialize. Could have a decent eye, good against the right handed persuasion, pull his own against lefties with some pop in the old toothpick but may lack in the contact department. Has enough speed to steal a few bases along the way also. Health is not so great and may be the leading concern about this youngster. Money I think was well spent as he would have went in the top tier of a draft.

Now of the last two which was better? Harsh? Maybe a little but the truth is sometimes. In reality comparing the two is difficult. Desi has diversity in position as Rubby has the speed and contact. Both have a disability that could hurt down the road. Late in the season and money can't be taken with you, Baseball Econ 101 message. So which one is better depends on taste and I really can't decide.

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