Friday, February 3, 2012

All-Star Break

It is time for teams to recharge a little before making the turn to the home stretch. It has been a rather weird season so far if you ask me. Here is how things are shaping up.

NL North

The Cubs have had to work lately to stay in first place as the Pirates have caught up and passed them at one point. It could be a race to the end between these two. The Brewers on the other hand is suffering from Bart Bart envy. Playing 1B no less, no errors and no minus plays as of yet, but how many has he caused is a question I have? As good as the Reds look on paper, the weakness of the pitching staff is evident.

NL East

The Indians are a bit of a surprise but can they keep it up? The Mets are challenging but are a mystery to themselves. In the beginning the pitching was good when the good hitting finally started the pitching stopped. The Phillies had a horrible start then got mildly hot then once upon a disaster, do we rule them out now? In Louisville the Colonels wings are the thing but on the road Buffalo gets all the credit. Isn't Buffalo south of something?

NL South

Houston more or less willed Florida into the lead. But don't fret none one or the other will win the division in the end as both are already printing playoff tickets. Mexico City is still in the playoff hunt, not surprising. St Louis didn't have much to start with and an overactive owner hasn't helped. Not to be feckless there, given time and understanding I think molineknight can rebuild the team if he is willing to stick with it.

NL West

Salem is fast approaching super stardom once again but holding that trophy is already playoff wins away. How many seasons did it take jsholmes to build a winner? "7" Things were going great for the D'Backs but something has gone suddenly wrong. The Dodgers has had their share of problems also and 37 inning 3 game series in New York provided consort to fatigue. Then we have the rebuilding Giants bringing up the rear, lookout because things are shaping up taking guidance from Salem's book.

AL North

Mariners and Twins, it was hard predicting at the beginning and at the break it remains the same. Last man standing in the end is the best guess. The Blue Jays and Tigs are just trying to get through a rebuilding season.

AL East

The Red Sox has bolted to a lead but the Braves haven't given up. Are the Sox that lucky or will they get scalped before it is over? Washington and Dover are good teams but just find ways to lose, reminds me of my Indian teams.

AL South

Little Rock looked unstoppable early but the correction to the mean occurred or is that just a mean correction? Since things have stabled a bit Tampa Bay and Texas has stoked up their fight for dominance. KC on the other hand got rid of Black Bart envy and has started playing ball.

AL West

The Padres has streaked out of the gates preaching their gospel. It is paying off as they are the front runner for the number 1 seed in the AL at the moment. They aren't into printing their tickets just yet but if they keep going it won't be a problem. Will Helena remain a contender or will the meltdown occur, maybe they should change their name to the Mount St Helens Volcanos. After a horrible start, the Slobs are on a roll and can't be ruled out. Anaheim just keeps fluttering along. Just like last year, this division could really end up in a tied mess.

In the NL three teams in all likelyhood have already secured playoff spots. Meanwhile six teams and could be 7, are fighting for the remaining three slots. The AL on the other hand is not quite so settled. With the proclivity that exists here, the Padres and Red Sox are not sure things which still leaves 10 or more teams viable for the playoffs.

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