Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Final Ten or The Odd Man Out Rule

Here we are sports fans, end of the season madness. The last ten games seems to bring out the best and worst in people. But excitement mounts and nerves are on edge and now the reason why.


Three spots are already taken by Florida, Salem and Houston. Three spots remain and four possible outcomes are in the works. The next series are important to how everything will end.

The Cubs invade the Marlins and hope to do some fishing on the fly. With only a two game lead over archrival Pittsburgh, every game is important after losing 2 of three to them.

The Pirates move across state to take on in-state foe Philadelphia, and their is no brotherly love between the two. Both are fighting for their playoff lives.

The Mets, who are only two behind Philly, host Arizona. Arizona still has a long shot at making the playoffs, okay, extremely long shot.

All in all the Mets and Cubs are hoping for a sweep in Philadelphia and don't care which one, though the Mets are favoring Pittsburgh while the Cubs favor Philly. Regardless the Mets are in a must win situation to remain in the hunt for either the division crown or a wild card.


The AL is in a hell of a mess once again with 10 to go. Only Boston and San Diego have ensured a place in the playoffs and are fighting over the top seed.

Seattle has secured a two game lead over Minnesota once again but how long will it last this time? Seattle makes a long trip to Anaheim before traipsing to Minnesota for their showdown. Minnesota travels to Boston and takes on the possible number 1 seed. Seattle would seem favored but the way the season has gone so far, doubt looms.

Tampa Bay has a seven game lead over Texas which would by normal means a playoff spot. However, the Rays must go to San Diego which would be a difficult situation. Meanwhile, Texas plays host to Atlanta. Since Texas and Tampa Bay have finished their rivalry for the season, it would be tough on Texas to make up that many games.

The wild card is even murkier as Minnesota, Helena and Las Vegas are within kissing distance of each other. Anaheim and Texas can't exactly be ruled out here either, though both have huge mountains to cross.

Helena is in Dover while Las Vegas hosts Toronto. While the two may decide a playoff spot in the last three games in Las Vegas.

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