Monday, April 15, 2013

AL Crystal Ball Readings


1. Detroit Tigers still has the best looking team on paper.

2. Minnesota Twins might be a surprise.

3. Toronto Blue Jays may have went and spent a lot of money. I see a good pitching staff with a broken offense even with Mays.

4. Montreal Expos look like they want to see how the first 25 games go before making a move as they could be contenders.


1. Boston Red Sox to repeat one more time, that is a maybe.

2. Baltimore Orioles was slotted in first until I saw Bubbles.

3. Dover Dung Beetles could be in first or second also for that matter.

4. Washington D.C. Senators wind up here because I am not that into their pitching staff.


1. Kansas City Royals will be a royal pain to everyone this season.

2. Texas TardTankos still has it. Everett Hill says they got the name wrong as it should be TankoTards.

3. Tampa Bay Rays played sell off to rebuild but they are not all that bad.

4. Little Rock Heads bemoaning injuries already.


1. Colorado Springs Sky Sox do it one more time.

2. Anaheim Angels can they do it a second time.

3. Seattle Mariners says they can if the Angels can't.

4. Helena Hot Pockets says don't count us out but we do for some reason.

I have always had problems predicting the AL so why should this year be different. My downfall started in the North and just kept getting worse.

1. Colorado Springs Sky Sox
2. Kansas City Royals
3. Detroit Tigers
4. Boston Red Sox
5. Anaheim Angels
6. Baltimore Orioles

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