Tuesday, April 30, 2013

International Report

Paul Li was signed by the Twins for $5.1M.  Could be a 4th or 5th starter one day but me thinks he will more than likely be a long reliever. Nothing outstanding but might fool the best of them.

Andres Diaz was enticed by the Heads with $7.6M in change. Possesses some great skills but we are not sure he will be good enough for the closer role.

Julio Sardinha lit up the microwaves in Helena opting for a $8.5M deal. Many thought this was relatively cheap signing as many were scared away for his possible lack of skill in CF. My scouts tell me he could be a decent 2B or good 3B in the end. Has a very keen eye with a little deep ball action but not considered a big threat at the plate. Speed and awareness to get that extra base when needed.

Raul Polonia was courted by Dover in the tune of  $8.5M. Could have that monster control and great first pitch many desire in a closer but it might end there as his right split could cause disaster in the end.

Tampa Bay was looking for a big dick but may have got the shaft after signing Antonio Whang for $14.5M. My scouts were not all that keen on his abilities at 2B but did show some nice speed. Made efficient contact at the plate and sent several off speed balls into the bleachers but had terrible luck catching up to a fastball.

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