Friday, April 12, 2013

Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame voting is probably the hardest thing I have ever seen, rates right up there with hiring coaches. If we don't come up with a way for a consensus, nobody will get in. There is several ways at looking at it also which makes it even more difficult. I explained last year how to get 6 players in but no one wanted to do that either or it was ignored.  Then again it takes all owners to vote, no exceptions. maybe if we let the Commish decide then everyone vote for them we will get 5 in. Anyway, here is a list of the top 15 candidates right at the moment in my books, it would take 3 years to get all of them in.

Hitters with 2500 career hits or more

David Guardado
Lee Coleman
Heinie Watkins
Charlie Stone 
Javier Santayana
Luis Cruz
Furio Lombard
Juan Carrasquel
Junior Bocachica
*Rocky Spencer

*Rated #1 for me because of his career AVG and OPS after that it is a toss up

Pitchers with 200 Wins or better and career ERA under 4.00.

Donald Satou
Paulie Sanders
Kent Heredia


Vinny Post 

Career ERA under 3.00

Midre Davis

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