Sunday, April 7, 2013

FA Market Update

Angel Barrios joined the Anaheim ranks with a cheap 3 year deal at $4.1M.

Domingo Franco was scarfed up by Pittsburgh in a 2 year deal worth $3.3M.

Yeico Calles signed with Atlanta for a 1 year $3M deal.

Atlanta also landed Bernie Castillo with 1 year $2.5M deal.

Mitch Knotts created some serious adventure but singed with the Cubs in a 5 year deal worth $14M more or less with a $10M signing bonus.

Yuniesky Megias was astounded that he was so wanted but ended the day signing with Boston for a 5 year deal worth over $50M.

Meanwhile Detroit waited things out and signed Hal Davis to a dirt cheap 3 year deal worth $3.8M.

Kansas City resigned Mike Jakubauskas for 3 years at $3.8M.

In not so big news

Toronto signed the aged  Rob Webster, the defensive minded Bum Paul and  Kosuke Squinty Cheng.

Atlanta also came to terms with Bernard Shelley who left Anaheim the fastest route possible.

The Dodgers found Juan Espinoza twiddling his thumbs and offered a nice little contract to throw the ball at batters.

Harry Flores hitched a slow boat to Seattle to make like a SS.

St Louis decided they needed something that resembled a 3B and signed Javy Picasso off the help wanted list.

Wanted for fraud, impersonating a pitcher and pandering Sherry Thomas. She was last seen in disguise wearing a Toronto Blue Jays uniform and looks like my neighbors wife.

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