Saturday, April 6, 2013

Free Agent Trifectas

The Toronto Blue Jays completed their trifecta by signing Albert Cubillan to $14M five year deal. That is $39M for three players in their high-end shopping extravaganza. Will it be enough to win 30 more games in the AL East over last year?

The Anaheim Angels completed their trifecta by signing Shannon Lyon and Brandon Miles. Lyon got a four year deal at $6.7M while Miles garnered a one year deal for $4.1M. That equates to around $15M for three players and no unseemly long contracts. Will it be enough to keep the status quo in the AL West.

Other than Mitch Knotts who might be under a bidding war, prices of some good pitching are starting to fall into the bargain basement area. The position market which was pretty thread bare to begin with and rather picked over is succombing to market pressure also.  In the NFL the players are calling it owner collusion, here I think it more like "your value to me just isn't worth the asking price".

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