Thursday, April 4, 2013

Free Agent Market

The best Free (use that term very loosely) Agents at a glance with a very opinionated commentary.

Randall Frederick leads the list. A terrible backstop for sure but can hit. 4.7M for three years and a type A. Opinion: I wouldn't want him as a catcher and is better suited for a DH role if you ask me. I would take a flier as a DH for 3 seasons with an option at that price.

Bart Ross is available one more time. Wants a 1 year deal at 4.2M and a type A. Isn't great behind the plate and isn't terrible but could lead the league in average one more time easily enough. Opinion: he is worth the contract but giving up a draft pick is hard to justify. 110 games is about all you could get if your cautious because of his durability even as a DH. What is even harder is the fact he would make a great lead off hitter but that would mean fewer games still.

Kendry Armas is the player wanting the most money, 5.8M for 5 years. Will give him credit, he can play 1B pretty well and has speed. As for hitting, lets say he gives it his best shot. Opinion: not worth the money, may be worth 3M for 1 year if your hard up.

Tim Bird is second on the money trail and I say it is still over the top. Hits well with some power but isn't really dynamic at the position. Opinion: not worth the money, may be worth 3.5M for two years if you are developing a player for the position.


Pablo Solano wants 9M for 4 seasons. Hits really well and can play the position and good enough to play CF also. Opinion: worth the money and I would make it a 5 year deal. Expecting him to get a max salary.

Fausto Ramirez is second in the list. 6.8M for 5 years and a type A, you got to be pulling my leg! Has speed that he doesn't use well enough to be good threat and doesn't hit well. Plays the position well and good enough to play 3B also. Opinion: well over priced, I might think 5M for 3 years with an option at the most.


Carlos Mesa can hit, run and play the position very well plus some SS. 7M for 3 seasons, not bad..errr..just don't look at his health. Opinion: hard to tie up those kind of bucks on a player that has a good chance of not making it through spring training sitting on the bench even.

T.J. Cota is next on the list wanting 6.6M for 4 years. Can play the position, has speed but doesn't hit all that well. Scratching my head wondering why he isn't a type A. Opinion: Maybe 5M for 3 years in my books.


Joel Mays leads the list at this position, WTF?! He never could play SS, the best is 3B but he can hit. Opinion: Okay, somebody is gonna give him a lot of money, more than his asking prices and I say "yup".

Edgardo Flores is second on the list and not a type A, go figure. Has health issues, can't hit but is very speedy and not all that bad at the position.  Opinion: 6M for 3 years could be a stretch, maybe 5M with an option.

Nigel Li is a good hitter and can play the spot and would even make a better 1B. Opinion: his health is a problem but the contract wouldn't be all that bad with an option thrown in.

Miller Shiell is second on the list. Why is he only a type B, I don't get it myself. Hits and fields very well. Opinion: much better player if you ask me and well worth the contract.


Peter Brock paves the way for the position. Okay, who put him in CF? Better at 3B and could play a decent enough 2B maybe but CF seems a stretch to me. Good at the plate and has speed, woo woo. Opinion: Asking the most of any player and I would assume will get a max contract. 20M for 5 years and an option is what I like.

Santos Mairena doesn't look like much to me, but he wants 5.6M for 5 years and a type A, STFU! Not sure where I would play him, doesn't hit all that well but has a little speed. Opinion: He doesn't look like a CF and more or less looks like a so-so player. Not worth my time and effort writing about him.

Shannon Lyon leads the way. Oooh la la he can play 3B, how about that? Hits and runs well to go with it. At 6.7M for 5 years and a type A to boot. Opinion: so he has sleeping sickness and declining, I would be hard pressed to give him that much, maybe 5M with an option. Might get 130 games out of him from the 7th or 8th slot...hmmm.

Marshall Black is next on the list, okay so he wasn't but was better than the other guy. He does have the arm but doesn't play the spot all that well overall. Doesn't hit all that well, okay so it is more like poorly. Opinion: I would find a power DH over him.

Teddy Ramirez

Tony Prior

Daisuke Nomo

Opinion: All three are very capable and really cost effective for the position.


Albert Cubillan leads the pitching list. Wants 7.5M for 5 years. Decent enough pitcher. Opinion: someone will probably give him some big bucks but not me. Over priced even with pitching hard to come by. 1 pitch with real good splits is all he has going for him. I don't see it myself.

Victor Morlan is close behind Al in his wants. A superb lefty in all reality. Opinion: Yeah someone will give him the big bucks also.

Mitch Knotts comes in third and is really the better buy in a way. Opinion: If his stamina was better he would be leading the way.

  Mike Jakubauskas makes my cutoff for this are. Wants 5.6 for 4 years and a type B. Opinion: looks good in middle relief role and if his price drops I will be there with open wallet.

Emil Sosa sneaks into second the list. 5.4M for two years and a type A, get out of town. Opinion: Yeah he still has it, but for a Type A gonna be a tough sell.

 Dom Tabaka wants a 2 year deal at $5.8M and a type A. He didn't work out in Detroit, not sure why. Good defense, PC catcher he was like gold for me. Opinion: Justify a Type A at 38?

Hal Davis pops up on my radar better then the next few. Playing well in Boson means he can play anywhere or should. 5.2M for 5 years and a type A.  Opinion: Could very well be worth the money but I would add an option.

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