Friday, April 5, 2013

FA Market Early Edition

The big news of the morning was the signing of Peter Brock to Baltimore in a three year deal worth $9.3M. The question now remains is where will he play as it is doubtful Shayne Marte will be moved out of CF. 2B or 3B could be his destination as both are weak in the defensive arena that could use an upgrade, especially with a guy named Bubbles guarding 2B.

Milwaukee snorted up the rights to Emil Sosa in a two year deal for $5.4M. Brewers only gave up a supp and 2nd round pick for the acquisition.

Pablo Solano got his max contract with the Giants. Good chance he will stick there this time. 

Max Amaro signed a two year deal with the Reds for $4M. Is he the answer to the closer problem they have faced?

Ernest Diggins finds his way to Pittsburgh for a couple seasons for $4M. He said he wanted to go fishing in the confluence,  we are not sure if that is exactly healthy.

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